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Chronic dry eyes can leave you with uncomfortable symptoms, like burning and scratching sensations. It can also reduce your nighttime vision. If you have dry eyes, Robert Bentz, DO, Miriam Farag, OD, FAAO, and the eye care team at Bentz Eye Center provide comprehensive ophthalmology exams and dry eye treatments so you can get relief from ongoing symptoms. Book your dry eye evaluation online, or call the West Palm Beach, Florida, office directly to schedule.

Dry Eyes Q & A

Why do I have dry eyes?

Dry eyes are a common condition with symptoms that affect millions of people. At Bentz Eye Center, the team has vast experience treating dry eyes successfully.

With dry eyes, there is a problem with the tear film that covers your cornea. Either you don’t have enough tears or the tears you do have are low quality. These deficiencies may cause significant corneal problems that may affect vision and cause significant ocular pain. 

Common causes of dry eye include:

  • Getting older
  • Taking certain medications
  • Having a preexisting condition like arthritis, diabetes, or thyroid problems
  • Smoke or wind exposure
  • Wearing contact lenses

In most cases, dry eye is an ocular problem. However, in some cases, dry eyes can be a sign of systemic diseases that can affect multiple organ systems. 

What are the symptoms of dry eye?

Most people with dry eyes frequently complain about a “sandy” sensation, redness, scratchiness, itching, or a burning and stinging feeling in the eyes.  

Occasionally there are also complaints about light sensitivity and blurry vision and even seemingly paradoxical symptoms of watery eyes. People who wear contacts will often note that they have a hard time keeping their lenses in their eyes. 

Some people mention that their eyes feel “tired” and have trouble focusing while reading. Blurred and fluctuating vision are also commonly reported.

How is dry eye treated?

Your dry eye treatment begins with an eye exam and a diagnosis. Your doctor at Bentz Eye Center examines your eyes and reviews your medical history. 

The team generally treats mild cases of dry eye with artificial tears, which supplement natural tear production to keep eyes comfortable. For more advanced cases, punctal plugs placed in tear ducts can help eyes retain moisture. Prescription medication, like Restasis® or Xiidra®, can improve your natural tear quality to counter dry eye symptoms.

Sometimes, dry eye is linked to systemic conditions like diabetes or autoimmune disorders. Treating these conditions can improve dry eye symptoms, and your ophthalmologist works with your complete health care team to enhance your overall well-being.

Click on the online scheduler to book your dry eye evaluation at Bentz Eye Center today. You can also call to speak with a team member about an appointment.