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Your eyes are organs. And just like other organs, they need care to stay healthy throughout your life. Getting regular eye exams and preventive screenings are the best ways to keep your vision strong and protect your eyes. At Bentz Eye Center, Robert Bentz, DO, and Miriam Farag, OD, FAAO, specialize in general eye care. To learn more about vision and eye health, call the West Palm Beach, Florida, office or request an appointment online.

General Eye Care Q & A

Why is eye care important?

Your eyes are complex, and vision problems aren’t uncommon. In fact, only about 35% of adults can see perfectly without corrective lenses. Refractive errors, damage, and disease can impact your vision and eye health.

Some of the most common causes of age-related vision loss include cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Other common issues, like dry eye, may not pose vision risks, but they can still cause redness, discomfort, and other complications if left untreated.

Many factors can affect your eye health, but advancements in technology mean there’s a lot you can do to care for your eyes.

What eye tests are available?

During your routine eye exam, the doctors perform a series of vision tests. Visual acuity testing determines if you have problems seeing close up (farsightedness) or at a distance (nearsightedness). Visual field testing assesses your peripheral vision.

If the team identifies a refractive error, you’ll get an eye prescription. An eye prescription details exactly what type of eyeglasses or contact lenses you’ll need to correct your vision.

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness, and it usually doesn’t have symptoms. The team tests for glaucoma by examining the inside of your eye during a dilated eye exam and testing the pressure of your eyes with a tonometer.

Macular degeneration is another eye disease that causes vision loss. Macular degeneration testing includes macular pigment optical density (MPOD) testing and the Amsler grid.

How can I keep my eyes healthy?

The best way to care for your eyes is by getting regular comprehensive eye exams. Since many common eye diseases don’t have warning signs, your doctor monitors changes and identifies signs of eye disease early on when treatment is most effective.

If you need corrective lenses, you should wear eyeglasses or contacts as prescribed. You can find comfortable, stylish glasses in the Bentz Eye Center optical shop. If you’re interested in contacts, the team works with you to find a brand that meets your needs.

Lifestyle factors also play a role in eye health. Living an active lifestyle and avoiding tobacco benefit your eyes. As you get older, eating a diet that’s rich in dark, leafy greens and omega-3 fatty acids helps keep your eyes healthy.

Find the best in general eye care at Bentz Eye Center. Call the office for an appointment or use the online booking tool today.